When tenants leave your property and you want to put it back on the rental market, but there are smells of strong foods, pets, children and maybe damp that airing just wont remove.

You can try air fresheners, scented candles but masking the problem with fruity fragrances will only have prospective tenants or homebuyers suspicious of the property and wanting to leave.

You want the property odour-free ASAP.Smartmister DT500 home image

The SmartMister Deoderiser / Virus killer

The Smartmister Home and workplace Sanitiser / Deodoriser produces a disinfecting mist that diffuses throughout the room, killing 99.999% of germs, viruses and bacteria.

Uses a HOCL (Hypochlorous Acid) mist which is completely safe, natural and used in organic production.  can be used around humans and animals.

Who can use the smartmister: Residential and letting agencies, private home owners.

Keep your properties sanitised & odour-free



smartmister comes with salvesan

SmartMister Works Best With Salvesan

The SmartMister is a device that can sanitise your workplace with an organic HOCI mist containing hypochlorous acid (Salvesan HOCI), a tried and tested safe medical / food grade disinfectant that sanitises every surface the mist touches, including light fittings, workspaces, behind cupboards and other hard-to-reach areas, killing 99.9999% of bacteria spores and viruses in compliance with NHS recommendations and EU regulations.