NCC Technology

FREMAP Hospital, Majadahonda, Spain - Operating Rooms

FREMAP Hospital

Fremap Hospital is a successful public health care facility belonging to the MAPRE private

insurance group and has 124 beds covering 4,000m2 / 43,000ft2. Their focus is on quality customer service and use of the latest technological innovations. The managers wished to improve air purity in critical treatment areas and to continuously limit micro organic concentrations on surfaces to below 50 CFUs, without disruptive chemical disinfection.

Activtek installed its NCC technology within advanced TROX system air-conditioning/heating

ducts air discharge chambers: six NCC modules in the operating room system and 1 NCC module in the rehabilitation room.

Results: The micro bacterial controls below 50 CFUs were achieved, increasing comfort and air safety for patients, visitors and staff. VOCs were maintained below regulatory thresholds. In addition, the NCC technology helped increase retention capacity on the traditional particle filters in the system by increasing particle agglomeration by 60%-90%. Overall an excellent example of NCC technology at work, helping to achieve operating and energy cost savings.


Hospital de La Paz, Madrid

de la paz madrid

One of the largest and most important public hospitals in Spain wished to improve particle and microorganism levels inside its buildings in reaction to the constant evolution of the superbug threat. In particular, it wanted to address potential issues on the new born baby unit. Activtek standalone units and NCC membrane cells were installed in different parts of the maternity operation.

Results: Once again Activtek’s NCC technology not only successfully continuously disinfected the environment and surfaces in a proactive way, reducing biosecurity risks, but also contributed to improved efficiency on the traditional HEPA filters by increasing average particle size. A double-sided success bringing real, cost effective benefits to patients and staff in an ecological way.


Global Restaurant Franchisee – top site, Sao Paolo, Brazil

resturant franchise

One of the best performing franchise restaurants in South America, (operating under a global brand), needed an effective odour reduction strategy for the external ventilation stack, due to the enclosed urban area where it was located. No traditional ventilation solution was capable of addressing the client’s need. An innovative, large-scale solution was required. Activtek NCC Induct technology was employed in a custom-made ventilation solution specifically for the higher-grease level environment with careful project planning & expertise from Activtek engineers.

Result: Odor elimination is virtually total and the business continues to prosper within a happy and supportive local community.


Zena Group – Burger King & Fosters Hollywood brands, Spain

 Zena Group

Many people enjoy a great grill or burger meal, although sometimes those mouth-watering aromas from the juicy meat dishes can find their way into our clothes or stay with us for the rest of the day. This large, national group always wants to offer the best customer experience & it trusted Activtek to provide cost-effective, portable solutions to freshen the air in 180 of its group restaurants. Two NCC light-weight portable units, a product specially designed for this environment, were installed in each restaurant to limit indoor odour contamination.

Result: Odours from grill and grease have been reduced to a minimum. Customers have noticed a change in the ambiance.


Retail Grocery Store – eastern Ohio, USA

ohio store

This well-known grocery store is a franchisee of a large regional chain and had all the potential freshness challenges common to similar businesses. Activtek continuous-working NCC Induct technology was installed in produce display cases, meat & deli cases, walk-in storage in meat, dairy & bakery and also in the meat cutting room.

Result: Shrinkage of fresh produce, meat & deli goods was reduced by 60%. There was a noticeable improvement in odours, and cooling coil maintenance was reduced by 70%. Feedback from the store owner after 1 year was: “Knowing what I paid & the savings and benefits received, if you walked in here today quoting a price double what I spent, I would not hesitate to purchase the system”


Airbus, Production Facilities, Getafe, Spain

airbus getafe

As one of the two leading global airplane manufacturers, Airbus needs no introduction. Airbus wanted the best possible air handling units (AHUs) for its new HVAC system at a key production facility near Madrid, and sought a bespoke solution: in particular it wanted to guarantee clean, healthy air (free of VOCs), particle reduction & energy efficiency. The industrial size AHUs combined indirect gas-fired heating with magnetic refrigeration. Activtek’s NCC air purification units were installed before the filters on the output & return cycles. The main aim of the purifiers was to continuously disinfect the filters and humidifiers, preventing any biofilm build up impeding heating quality, and continually sanitizing filters and other components to increase performance and reduce maintenance.

Results: A successful partnership with their HVAC consultants has seen repeat orders for the same Activtek-led solution across more Airbus facilities. Significantly, particle count is also reduced as the NCC technology helps aggregate particle size and there is no need for old-style carbon filters, eliminating extra replacement filter cost and the associated performance loss with their use.


ALK, European Pharmaceuticals

ALK is the world’s largest maker of allergy immunotherapy products with headquarters in Denmark. At its Madrid ALK Abelló facility, AIK sought the best eco-friendly solution to maintain the high air quality and surface hygiene in laboratories & offices, without the need for expensive chemical cleansing solutions. 3 Induct units with NCC technology were

embedded seamlessly in existing HVAC system ducts.

Results: Ambient & surface microbial contamination was reduced even in an already very clean environment, as well as the reduction of chemicals odours. Micro organic CFUs remain below 50 and continuous disinfection takes place while reducing environmental impact and with lower operating and maintenance costs.


Bocar Automotive Parts, Mexico

bocar mexico

Bocar Automotive wished to reduce pathogens and contaminants in its installations.

Results: Microbiological tests were performed in a predetermined area to see the reduction that could be achieved with NCC purification equipment. Within 48 hours, virus, bacteria, fungi, spore and coliform propensity in an area of constant use was reduced by 80%.


Chicago O’Hare Hilton ‘Environ Rooms’

This is a brilliant example of Activtek in the US working with a multinational brand hotel to create a real, innovative solution to a fast-growing modern problem, and helping them to win more clients. The Chicago O’Hare used NCC technology to create a new product: allergy-safe rooms (Environ Rooms).

The renovated rooms were outfitted with hardwood floors, non-vinyl wallpaper, all-cotton bedding, wooden blinds & wooden furniture. Air purifiers containing the NCC technology were featured in both rooms.

Result: An environment which is 99.999% free of harmful microorganisms, circulating as fresh air–friendly, continuous disinfection that guests love!


Reebok Oasis Center – Canary Islands, Spain

The owners (and customers!) of this high profile and very busy sports centre wanted “a gym that didn’t smell like a gym”. With 1,700m2 / 43,000ft3 (over 18000 ft2) to purify, this is typical of the type of operation helped by Activtek in Europe and elsewhere. They provided a cost-efficient, multiproduct solution. Two NCC Inducts were installed in the existing HVAC system to ensure actively circulating air in the main rooms was receiving our unique photocatalytic oxidation purification. This was supported by 3 NCC, self-contained, portable, multiple technology, air treatment systems for the spinning and exercise areas.

Result: Effective, continuous odour reduction within 24 hours and “a gym that doesn’t smell like a gym”


Banco Santander, New Corporate Office, Sao Paolo, Brazil


A leading global bank needs a world-beating working environment for its employees. Banco

Santander turned to Activtek to deliver at its offices in Brazil – including five district offices and a large new data centre for 3,000 workers. Recognizing that traditional filtering isn’t everything, the bank’s project managers sought out the latest technology to control odour levels, keep a low microorganism count, reduce employee absenteeism and increase productivity. Activtek engineers worked closely with them at every stage on this large project on the Indoor Air Quality Management System, installing NCC technology fit for purpose:

400 Inducts were placed in the new building ventilation systems to support filtering plus plug & play units for smaller spaces: 40 small format Units for Bathrooms & 10 units for

restaurants. Particularly important were the eco-friendly characteristics of the system. The units were also used to meet the requirements for LEED Credit 3.1 from the Green Building Council, which specifies improved air quality guidelines during construction.

Results: All project goals were met with odour control and very low CFU count in the different working environments. Activtek was part of the team to win the SMACNA* Highlights of the Year Award in Brazil TWICE for the most advanced HVAC system.

* Sheet Metal and Air Conditioning Contractors National Association


Turk Telecom, Istanbul, Turkey

Turkey’s leading communications and convergence technologies company, Türk Telekom Group, have 13 million fixed line, 7 million broadband (wholesale) and 16 million mobile subscribers. The company sought to reduce absenteeism to 5% and improve air quality at its main call centre facility.

ActivTek Turkey provided a retrofitted Induct solution to air-handling units that could be installed in a record time (less than a day) in order to avoid any down time at the centre. They equipped 2 floors with 19 x NCC Induct units per floor. Each floor

measured 4,200 m2 / 45,000ft3 with a ceiling height of 2.9m. 700 employees worked on each floor.

Results: Successful. Ambient odour was kept to a negligible minimum and employee absenteeism was down by almost 30%. Other benefits include the reduction of particles, improving air and comfort for all employees. Sick building syndrome symptoms (headaches, sneezing, etc.) have been greatly reduced.


BBVA Bank, National Branch Network, Spain

BBVA Bank spain

BBVA, one of Spain’s leading banks, needed to freshen air inside its branches for customer and employee benefit, and sought a natural continuous solution rather than reliance on chemicals or scented air products that stimulate allergic reactions and create more harmful VOCs. This is a good example of a smaller scale portable solution working in more compact office environments at street level and with access to the general public, where work environment contaminants are constant.

This long-term contract foresees the installation of 5,000 Viro-Tech Mini(equivalent now 2020) units (portable standalone units) in a program running until 2016.

Results: This portable solution (rather than an in-built duct solution) was a popular, cost-effective option with managers. Less or no odours are noted, there is no mould & there is less employee absenteeism


Intercity buses - Latin America

Bus transportation operators in Brazil & Mexico have installed prototypes of customized Activtek duct station solutions, specially designed to eliminate restroom odours and food preparation smells from the small kitchens on board. Two units are installed per bus and are built to be tamper proof and cope with vehicle transit vibrations.

Results: Our partners in these tests are delighted with the results and improvement to the bus-riding experience for their customers. Activtek NCC plasma purifies the air during journeys.


Aeropuerto Internacional de la Ciudad de Mexico

The busiest airport in Latin America (by aircraft movement) faced the typical odour and contaminant challenges of a large dynamic transport hub with 30 million passengers. The operators wished to counter odour issues in the old terminal, in particular in high contaminant restroom areas, and also foresee proactive purification measures in the public areas of the new terminal under construction.

185 x DuctStation Box units were installed in restrooms in the old terminal with a provision for over 500 x Induct NCC installations in air handling units (AHUs) in both new and old


Results: Odours have been eliminated in restrooms with the proactive NCC technology, giving the user a better service. There has been reduction of particle dissemination in the public areas, improving air quality and comfort for international passengers and reducing the risks of contamination.


Spring Water Bottling: Leading multinational drinks maker

This major drinks supplier wanted to take extra precautions against mould, yeast and other bacterial contaminants in its ultra-hygienic premises. The company was concerned about keeping their key production area with the best possible air quality, especially the filling lines, to allow them to fully comply with the standards set by TCCC for this production area without all the inconveniences of having to spray hazardous chemicals on production environments.

Located at multiple sites across Spain, Activtek provides solutions not just for the final filling room but for the whole processing chain, including the laboratory sterile area, water tanks room, filling lines and air conveyor room.

Result: All prevention and disinfection goals have been achieved without having to stop production lines. Continuous disinfection takes place while reducing environmental impact and with lower operating and maintenance costs. The reputation of an international brand name is safeguarded in an eco-friendly way.


La Ñeca Fruit & Vegetable Grower – Almeria, Andalucia

Located in one of Europe’s biggest regions for fresh vegetable cultivation, this family-run

international exporter of products such as aubergine & zucchini needs to control the level of

microbes and concentration of ethylene gas in its fresh produce storage rooms. With a volume of 170mᶟ (6000ftᶟ), their temperature (9ºC), humidity control and hygiene standards are typical of the industry. An Activtek Ductstation box with NCC technology was installed in the room with excellent results compared to the previous solution used.

Result: With Activtek the volumes of etylene reduced to 0.2ppm (82% less than the levels using previous solutions) within just 6 days of installation, significantly improving product lifespan. The technology keeps the air purified with virtually undetectable levels of harmful microbes, reducing chances of cross contamination and offering a significant cost saving opportunity to the producer. A product that lasts longer- naturally!


Pig Farm, Belgorod, Russia

To control ammonia build up in an enclosed space of 3000mᶟ (106,000ftᶟ), our client asked Activtek for the solution. In this sector, higher levels of ammonia affect animal weight gain, which may be reduced by up to 10% during prolonged periods of exposure. At very high levels, clearance of bacteria from the lungs is also impaired and therefore the animal is more prone to respiratory disease. We installed 4 Induct modules with NCC technology effortlessly into the existing ventilation and heating system.

Result: From a start point measurement of 20mg per cubic meter, within 48 hours this had lowered to 6mg/mᶟ and after 100 hours to 4mg/mᶟ: very low levels & not capable of affecting rearing quality. Happy and more profitable farmers!


Schools, Colleges and Nurseries

schools colleges

Children’s lungs are still developing until they reach about 6-8 years of age. During this time, lungs can easily be damaged by pollution or infection. Children breathe 4 times as much air per pound of body weight as adults. This means that children take in more pollutants than adults.

Childcare facilities and schools often have problems with indoor air quality because of high

concentrations of people in small areas, outdated buildings or low maintenance budgets. Poor air quality can increase the spread of communicable diseases and cause discomfort such as congestion and coughing for children and adults.

Viro-Tech provides portable solutions, like the Viro-Tech mini, that can easily be installed to begin proactive cleansing safely with NCC technology– designed to create indoor air, nature’s way.


Washroom Odour Reduction & Disinfection

Where there are washrooms there are bacteria and odours. While other systems rely on contaminated air to be carried through filters to be treated, with Viro-Tech, you don’t have to wait for it to get into a filter: the air proactively reaches out to the contamination, even working on surfaces (both the visible ones and those out of reach of normal cleaning). There’s no need to mask smells with allergy generating chemicals: Viro-Tech NCC technology uses up to 5 natural processes to reduce microorganism concentrations 24/7 in an eco-friendly, filter-free way. From portable solutions to fixed duct-mounted products, installation is simple and quick and achieves results that no traditional filter system can.


Refrigerated Trucks or Containers

When perishable goods are moved around in sealed environments, any contaminants inside can cause serious damage. Add to this the strong odours emitted by many products that linger & can contaminate future goods transported, and it is clear Viro-Tech eco-friendly, flexible products provide a modern solution that traditional ventilation systems cannot provide.


Working with Animals

Pet clinics, stables, dog & cat shelters all give rise to odour issues and the spread of disease that can harm the animals. Vir0-Tech purifying technology is easy to install and is scientifically proven to work effectively on 99.99% of pathogens. This eliminates odours and helps remove the tiny particles that normal filtering just cannot reach. In turn, this stops odours and, very significantly, can help eliminate allergy problems in humans, creating an acceptable working environment for people not normally able to work with or near 


smartmister comes with salvesan

SmartMister Works Best With Salvesan

The SmartMister is a device that can sanitise your workplace with an organic HOCI mist containing hypochlorous acid (Salvesan HOCI), a tried and tested safe medical / food grade disinfectant that sanitises every surface the mist touches, including light fittings, workspaces, behind cupboards and other hard-to-reach areas, killing 99.9999% of bacteria spores and viruses in compliance with NHS recommendations and EU regulations.