Frequently Asked Questions

Does the SO models microprocessor have a security feature to protect against unauthorised use?

Yes, a combination of buttons are pressed for 10 seconds to unlock the control panel. After 15 seconds of standby the control panel will lock automatically.

How do I know the Mini is running in Ozone 'Away Mode"

The display will change and provide a visual notification warning that the area must be unoccupied. This includes people, animals and plants. When the away mode cycle has finished it is important to allow 2 hours for the Ozone is dissipate before re-entering the room.

It is therefore advisable to only run 'away mode' when the room/environment can be left unoccupied for 2.5 hours to 4 hours, depending on the Ozone timer setting you select.

Where is the ideal placement for the Mini model?

For maximum efficiency the unit should be positioned 1-2 feet from the ceiling or as high as practically possible. Ensure there is sufficient space around the unit to draw in the air. Never place the unit on the floor.

What is the life cycle of the consumable parts within the Mini unit?

Mico Discharge Plate: 4320 Hours (18 Months) Oxidation Cell: 8640 Hours (36 Months)

These replacement parts can be purchased from Viro-Tech with full instructions in the user manual on how to fit them.

What are the running costs of the Mini unit?

The unit has a power consumption of only 54 watts and is therefore similar to the cost of running a light bulb.

What is the Viro-Tech unit?

The Viro-Tech unit can eliminate up to 99.99% of surface bound and air borne viruses, bacteria, odours and allergens. In addition it can be used to provide and ozone boost cycle for sanitation (Only used when the area is empty of people and animals)

Is Viro Tech an effective cleaner?

Most businesses have to rely on cleaning using chemicals in some way to remove bacteria, viruses and odours. Often the process can be expensive and susceptible to mis use of products. It relies on a cleaner (operator) to use the right chemicals for the application. Some cleaners can cause damage or tainting of products. The Viro Tech product can overcome these issues at the flick of a switch.

Does the Viro-Tech machine just sanitize?

The machines have an Ozone cleaning cycle to sanitise when the area is clear of people, animals and plants. After cleaning is complete the Viro-Tech product continues working as an air purifier, eliminating airborne pathogens whilst ionising and freshening the air.

Will Viro-Tech systems offer protection against Covid-19 (SARS-CoV-2)?

Without being able to perform a test at this time against SARS-CoV-2 (or a suitable surrogate) we cannot categorically state it will kill this coronavirus, however there is a great deal of scientific evidence that this technology can kill a wide range of other microbes that are much more difficult to eradicate than SARS-CoV-2.

Is ozone a good disinfectant?

It is an extremely effective disinfectant against bacteria and viruses.

Can the ozone boost be on continuously?

No. The Ozone boost can only be used when there are no people or animals present. At the end of the cycle the machine can be used as the normal air sanitiser/ purifier.

Is ozone safe?

As with any powerful oxidant, disinfectant, disinfectant fogger machine, or bleach, Ozone should be used in accordance with the manufacturer’s directions. When used correctly Ozone is is much safer than alternative methods of cleaning.

What does NCC stand for?

Natural catalytic conversion. A process that uses UV light to create the same oxidation and ionization as natural sunlight.

Is there evidence the units will reduce sick leave in the workplace?

Yes. A leading Spanish banking institute reported a reduction in sick leave by 70%.

Where have these units been tested?

The Viro-Tech SO range has endured vigorous testing to Bureau Veritas accreditation. (Industry and Facilities Division)

Inspection sites include leading global hotel chains, global banking institutes and the training and medical facilities at an Italian Champions League winning Serie A football club. As well as medical clinics in Italy. Inspection certification available on request.

Do the units meet CE Approval?

Yes all the units meet the latest CE requirements.

The Mini unit has been tested with the listed standards and found in conformity with the council LVD directive 2014/35/EU.

Test Standards: EN 60335-2-65:2003+A1:2008+A11:2012EN 60335-1:2012+A11:2014+A13:2017+A1:2019+A2:2019 EN 62233:2008

Will the ozone we produce affect the ozone layer?

The Ozone produced by Viro-Tech units naturally degrades back to oxygen and becomes inoffensive.

It has no effect on the Ozone layer.

Does Ozone affect Food?

Various test carried out by companies within the preparation and transportation of foodstuffs display that there was no cross-contamination of produce. With trials on bananas Ozone effectively slowed down the rate of ripening therefore prolonging their shelf life. Ozone stops the production of ethylene, which fruit and flowers give off in transit, thus they stay fresh longer.

What is PPM?

This is a measurement of Ozone in the air and is referred to as Parts Per Million (PPM). The Workplace Exposure Limits for Ozone is 0.2 ppm in air averaged over a 15-minute reference period.

The Viro-Tech systems produce 0.4 ppm whilst the environment is being treated, therefore people, animals and plants must not be present until the 03 degrades. This takes approximately 2 hours after the Ozone cycle has finished.

What are the timer increments of Ozone?

SO Series - A time cycle of between 1 to 9 hours in increments of 1 hour.

Mini - 30 mins / 1 Hour / 2 Hours

Do the Viro-Tech units need chemicals/cleaning/disinfecting solution adding?

No for further information on how the cleaning process works please see the individual product pages on this website.

Do you recommend user guidance to family/colleagues/staff with access to this product?

It is important to provide training/guidance to people with access to this equipment. We also suggest you use a visual No Entry 'ozone warning sign' that can be affixed to a door when running the Ozone cycle. This will prevent people entering the environment with Ozone present.



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